22nd Oct "POW 2nd Group" Ernest John Kynvin S/No. 10907 identified in survivor's photo by John McIntrye.
July '15 Dean Constable assumes webmaster role. Son of Bruce and grandson of George Constable (Perth 1)
26th Feb BRUCE CONSTABLE (aka. Spruso) - Perth 1 website creator passes away in Sydney Australia aged 70.
13th Sep "DAD" - Added photo and drawing of Gun Crew at work in 6" Turret
23rd Aug "SUNDA STRAIT" - Added Japanese painting courtesy of Kevin Denlay
20th May "CARIBBEAN" Added photo of HMAS Perth in Panama Canal - Thanks to RAN Seapower
3rd May "JAVA SEA" Adjusted position of De Ruyter sinking on Night Map - Thanks to Kevin Denlay
27th Oct "AIRCRAFT" Meaning of Chinese character on HOUSTON aircraft added.
19th Apr "DAD" Richard DICKSON identified in Greece and Egypt photos *
7th Mar "AIRCRAFT" Photo added of Walrus L2293
7th Mar " VC FOR WALLER" - Results of Tribunal decision added
6th Apr
"CREW PHOTOS" Added photos of J.N HILL and R.J.TOMS
6th Apr
"AIRCRAFT" - Adjusted dates of the HOUSTON Aircraft
20th Aug
"CREW PHOTOS" - Added photo of J.D.BRADLEY
4th Jan
" PLANS & SPECS" Details of Aircraft/Boat cranes added
27th Jan
" PLANS & SPECS" Details of Aircraft Catapults added
Whole site updated - New photos and information added - Maps updated - More crew photos added - Aircraft now all on one page and changed to "Profile Drawings" only.
15th May
"DAD" - Added photo of Dad and friends taken about Oct 1941 courtesy of Sally Shine
" WRECKS TODAY" - Added photos of PERTH courtesy of Andrew Flock
5th Oct
"AIRCRAFT"- Added Kawanishi Flying boat and Mitsubishi "Claude" to Japanese Aircraft and updated Zero image. Added new 1942 image of SOC-3 to Houston Aircraft.

11th Nov

"AIRCRAFT" - Added early 1935 O2U Aircraft to HOUSTON images.
"CAMOUFLAGE" - Added some additional information on PERTH's 2nd pattern

28 Nov
"CREW PHOTOS" - Added photos of C.RYAN and R.RYAN
17 Dec
"AUSTRALIA 1942" - Added three new photos from Nov 1941.
"CAMOUFLAGE"- More information added on last camouflage
18th Jul
"CREW PHOTO" - photo of N.F.H.DIXON added
11th Aug
"PERTH PHOTOS" - Added autographed photo of HMAS Perth 1940-41 thanks to Kevin Denlay
"MALTA" - "GREECE" - "CREW LIST" Added casualties for the Meditteranean 1940-1941.
31st Dec
"AMPHION" Aircraft profile and details added - "MATAPAN" Map of day action added
5th May
"CREW PHOTO" - photo N.D.McWILLIAM added
23rd Aug
"AUSTRALIA 1940" - Added photo of PERTH in Sydney thanks to HMAS Perth Assoc.
2nd Oct
"SUNDA STRAIT" - Info added re the time of reports of the position of the Japanese Invasion Force
2nd Feb
"AUSTRALIA 1940" - Added another photo of HMAS Perth arriving at Sydney

1st Mar

" IJN SHIPS" - Added new photo of IJN FUBUKI
10th Mar
"MATAPAN" - Added a new photo of HMAS Perth under fire at Matapan
3rd Dec
"CREW PHOTO" - photo T. J JOHNSTON added
9th Feb
"CREW PHOTO" - photo of A.V.Furey added
10th Feb
"MODEL OF PERTH" page added with photos of Ian Howard's working model of HMAS PERTH
5th May
"CREW PHOTO" - photo of E.S.Burton added
12th Jun
"CREW PHOTO" - photo of Leslie Bruse added
12th Jun
" SUNDA" - More info added regarding paint scheme of USS Houston in her Darwin Photo
1st Jul
"CAMOUFLAGE" - Added photo of PERTH taken 1941-42
19th Aug
"CREW LIST" - Added an Excel Spreadsheet of the crew as at the 1st Mar 1942 - Generously provided by Roger Mansell of the Center of research - Allied POWs under the Japanese.
20th Sep

"AIRCRAFT" - Added "Angry Duck" insignia from the 1942 Walrus and the 1941 "Skull" insignia.
17th Nov
"USS HOUSTON" - Upgraded the Wartime Track Chart
18th JUL
"AUSTRALIA 1940" - Added aerial photo of PERTH arriving Garden Island

"ENGLAND 1939" - Added new photos of naming ceremony - photo of AMPHION at South Railway jetty, Coat of Arms, ship's lifebuoy. Ship's Bell in New York.

"CAMOUFLAGE" - Added new drawings for camouflage patterns and photos of aerial
ID markings.
"CREW PHOTO" - Pages: Under construction
"PLANS &SPECS" - Added details and photos of aircraft attached to PERTH.
21th JUL
"SUNDA STRAIT" Added a panoramic photo of the Java coast taken from above the PERTH wreck by Australian diver, Kevin Denlay.
24th JUL
"USN SHIPS" - Added new photo of USS Pillsbury 1937 courtesy of David Wright.
7th AUG
"HMS AMPHION" - WW1 AMPHION page - added photo of Capt.Cecil Fox
12th AUG
"MATAPAN" Added bio of Cunningham and Pridham-Wippell & photo of Admiral Cunningham
28th AUG
" ENGLAND" - Added photo of Duchess of Kent boarding ship.
  " PLANS & SPECS" - Added Dressing Ship Flag Diagram and photos and description of Ship's Badge
" HMS AMPHION" - Photo of Xmas Card from crewman Alan Biggs and photo of Capt Burnett and Vice Admiral Tottenham added
3rd SEP
"Aircraft" - "Ship's Badge" - "Dressing Ship", now have their own pages.
18th SEP
"HOUSTON" - photo of Marine Floyd Barron added
21st SEP
"CREW PHOTO" - 15 photos added
4th OCT
"HMS AMPHION" - names of crew killed in crash of aircraft from HMS NEPTUNE added.
10th OCT
"CREW PHOTO" - photo of Jack Cox added
8th OCT
"CREW PHOTO" - photo E.C.WHITE added
2nd DEC
"AMPHION" - Added photo of RAF Armourer T.W.Mills who was attached to HMS Amphion