Pendant Number: D29 then I29 ( Not painted on hull)

Call Sign: VLLM

Flag Hoist: fl

Displacement:  6890 tons standard:  9130 tons full load.

Dimensions:     532ft p.p - 562ft oa   x  56ft 8in x  15ft 6in.

Machinery:        4 Admiralty 3-Drum Boilers
                             4 Shaft Parsons geared Turbines
                             72,500shp = 32.5 knots
Oil Fuel:             1760 tons
Radius:              7400 miles at 13 knots - 1920 miles at 30.5 knots

Builders:            H.M.Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth, England

Laid Down:      26th June 1933
Launched:       27th July 1934
Completed:      21st July 1936


Aircraft /Boat Crane ircraft/Boat Crane:

AMPHION/PERTH's crane was a 7 ton lifting crane manufactured by Joseph Booth & Bros. based at the Union Crane Works, Rodley, Leeds UK. ( Ref: NMM UK Ships Plans files)

The crane was replaced by a different one during the Sept-Oct 1941 refit. (The original crane continued in use as a lifting crane at Cockatoo Dockyard Sydney and later at the Balmain Power Station until 1990. It is currently being restored.

Aircraft Catapults:
(As HMS Amphion no catapult was fitted)
The catapults fitted to PERTH were made by MacTaggart-Scott of Scotland.

The 1st Catapult.
According to the book ‘Fleet Air Arm Aircraft, Units and Ships 1920-1939’ by Ray Sturtivant and Dick Cronin, the first catapult fitted to HMAS PERTH was an EIVH. ( E=Extending: H=Heavy). Weight: 19 Tons.

However they state that this catapult was fitted in July 1939 but PERTH never received her first catapult until the latter part of 1940 after she had arrived in Australia.
This catapult was landed upon PERTH's arrival at Alexandria in Dec 1940.
PERTH re-embarked a catapult at Alexandria on 19 July 1941 prior to returning to Australia.

Cronin and Sturtivant say that PERTH received a catapult from AJAX in Aug 1941 which was a model EIIIH. It is quite possible that this was the one offloaded by AJAX a few months earlier and transferred to PERTH on the 19th July at Alexandria just before her return to Australia. (No files appear to exist in the Nat.Archive).

The 2nd Catapult
A newer (53ft?) catapult replaced it in Nov 1941. According to a file in the Nat.Arch. of Aust, this was a model E11A(9). The file contains testing reports from 13 Nov 1941 to 15 Jan 1942. (Ref. NAA fileMP138/1, 603/269/187)

The new catapult was first tested with an aircraft on 22 Nov.1941 (Ship's Log)

Type 286 - fitted Alexandria 10th - 19th Feb 1941.
Calibrated 27 Feb
( War Diary for Feb 1941)
Removed Sydney Sept. 1941, not replaced. Aerial not removed.
( AWM Item 757/1 )

8 x 6" MkXX1 in twin turrets    8 x 4" Twin HA/LA Mk XIX
12 x 0.5mgs    4 x 3pdr saluting guns
8 x 21" Torpedoes in quadruple mounts 12 Depth Charges

Early 1941.
At Alexandria, 10-19 Feb during dry-docking, two 20mm Breda guns fitted on catapult base.

5 May 1941.*
Four-barrel Pom Pom M.G. from HMS Liverpool fitted on catapult base. Removed July 1941 and fitted on HMAS Hobart 18th July.
(July 1941 Reports of Proceedings for HOBART)

Aug-Oct 1941.
Cockatoo Dockyard refit: Single 20mm AA in tubs added on B and X Turrets.
Two quadruple 0.5mgs added on quarterdeck near the stern.

* Ship's Log May 1941

20mm Italian Breda Gun
4 Barrelled Pom-Pom from HMS Liverpool
0.5mgs fitted on quarterdeck late 1941


Drawing by courtesy of Webb Warships Pty Ltd 1970

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